Felicity the television kid

Just this week I was digging around trying to find something I wanted to take in to work and I came across a book that I wrote and illustrated for a unit I did in english back in 1994 (I was floored when I realised that was 20 years ago, I’m not that old am I?!?!).  The unit was ‘Children’s Stories’ and from the assessment sheet that was tucked in the back of the spiral bound book, there were two parts of the assessment.

Part 1 involved research and an oral.  It looks as though I chose Maureen Stewart to research and I used at least three of her books in my presentation.  The assessment card said that I received a B-. I’ve never been great at presentations so that’s not too bad for me.

Part 2 was the creation of a children’s book (cover picture above).  I received an A+ for that component which is most likely why that book is still currently in existence.

I really enjoy looking back over the stories and poems I wrote as a kid.  So I’m very glad that my mum kept some of them and they didn’t all end up being thrown out.

I thought I’d share some observations and things I can remember about putting this book together.

  1. The dedication – I dedicated it to my sister.  All my books to date (including those written when I was a child) have been dedicated to my family, or a specific family member.
  2. The concept – I know exactly what my inspiration was… A song from an “ABC Sing” book called “Video” by Peter Coombe.  I loved those songs so much growing up and mum very kindly bought my sister and I a song book and tape each from the ABC shop.  My book was the one published in 1985!!
  3. The pictures – I’ve never been that great at drawing.  If you are familiar with the “ABC Sing” songbooks, you will quite possibly recognise the illustrations.  Some of the images (like the cover) are pretty much copied, the terrible freehand ones I tried to do a likeness.
  4. How dated it is – it’s quite humorous to me that technology has changed so much.  The book talks about “videos” (where we now have DVD/BluRay or just download movies), “video games” (yes still around, but now kids would more likely play games on their iPad, phone or tablet), and the great big boxy TV which is on just about every page.
  5. Flaws in the story that now really bug me – when it comes to the ‘dilemma’ in the story, the antenna on the TV breaks which means the TV won’t work. This is flawed, as I had already said she watched video’s and played video games – both of which work on a TV that doesn’t have an antenna.

If I ever get brave enough, I might scan the whole thing and post it on here, but for now I’ll just put up a picture of the cover and the assessment notes.

FTTK assessment


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