Month: March 2019

Secrets Unlocked

M2 border

In the second instalment of the Minky series, Minky’s school is participating in a cricket competition and this year they are letting girls participate! Although Minky isn’t that keen on cricket, she tries out for the team and is given a spot.

It’s not long before she starts enjoying the game, and it just gets better when (with the help of her time travelling chair), she gets to meet the worlds greatest cricketer – Donald Bradman!

She also solidifies her friendship with her great-grandmother Miranda who unfortunately has a husband who is struggling after returning from the war, and an eight year old son who is having his own struggles.

Most of the chair travels are positive, but will things always work out for the best? And will the family secret finally be revealed?

Minky Robinson: Secrets Unlocked was released in both eBook and paperback format on 1 April 2019.