Last Goodbye

It’s Minky’s last year of high school and it’s off to uni next year… or will she?

Her relationship with Kayla is at an all new low and with the HSC looming a trip to the future is a very welcome relief. The future seems to be filled with amazing things, but then it also may not be as incredible as it initially seems.

When Minky finds out about catastrophes and deaths that seem beyond her control, can she find a way to stop these things from happening?

Is she making the biggest mistake of her life by sharing the secrets of her time travelling chair? And will it be lost to her forever?

Minky Robinson: Last Goodbye is the final instalment of the Minky Robinson series. It is due to be released on 26 February 2022.


Not Forgotten

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After a crazy year, things are going much more smoothly for Minky. Her parents are in town for a visit, she has a great boyfriend and one of her biggest secrets is finally revealed to her family. Little does she know, life is about to get so much more complicated.

While trying to avoid a class about the holocaust, Minky finds herself actually living right in the middle of it.  From beautiful, sunny Bondi to being trapped in one of the darkest times for humanity with no way of getting home.

How will Minky escape? Or will this be the end for her?

Official release date for Minky Robinson: Not Forgotten is 28 October 2020.


No Love Lost

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In Minky book number three, Minky is turning sweet 16 and after meeting Wes during last years cricket competition, they become ‘facebook official’ and he becomes her first boyfriend.

The year doesn’t go quite as planned for Minky… with strange things happening between her grandparent’s and their friend Col Murphy, her friend Seshna being tortured that the guy she likes is going out with someone else and seeing someone she’s always disliked in a new light, it is a very strange year.

It only gets weirder when she gets visited from someone who claims to be from the future!

Flashmobs, formals and chair travelling fun!

Official release date for Minky Robinson: No Love Lost is 28 January 2020.

Secrets Unlocked

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In the second instalment of the Minky series, Minky’s school is participating in a cricket competition and this year they are letting girls participate! Although Minky isn’t that keen on cricket, she tries out for the team and is given a spot.

It’s not long before she starts enjoying the game, and it just gets better when (with the help of her time travelling chair), she gets to meet the worlds greatest cricketer – Donald Bradman!

She also solidifies her friendship with her great-grandmother Miranda who unfortunately has a husband who is struggling after returning from the war, and an eight year old son who is having his own struggles.

Most of the chair travels are positive, but will things always work out for the best? And will the family secret finally be revealed?

Minky Robinson: Secrets Unlocked was released in both eBook and paperback format on 1 April 2019.

Minky is here!

The first book in the Minky Robinson series, introduces Minky and how she came to live with her grandparents in Newtown Sydney when her parents and brother moved to the other side of the world. Living on the opposite side of the world to her mother isn’t necessarily a bad thing for Minky though.

When she finds a chair with magical time travelling powers, Minky becomes friends with her great-grandmother Miranda, who tragically died in a fire almost 30 years before Minky was born.

It’s not until she time travels back to the early nineties where her very young mother is studying law at the ANU in Canberra, that she literally (and figuratively) sees her mother in a new light.

Minky Robinson: Chair Traveller was released in eBook format in June 2018, and in paperback several months later.