Minky Robinson is on her way!

I have some incredibly exciting news.  In late June, the first of the Minky Robinson books will be published online.

Although I love reading paper books, in recent times I have come to enjoy the convenience of eBooks and I’ve decided to go down that path for this series of books.

Ebooks are cheaper for the reader, the distribution/accessibility is much easier and more far-reaching and is most certainly cheaper for this poor old writer who has the costs of looking after a little one now. As such, at this point in time, the Minky books will only be available in eBook format.

The Minky stories are for older children/teens. They have been rattling around in my head for more years than I can recall. It’s taken me ages to get them drafted, go through the editing process and finally work out which path to go down for publishing.

I can’t wait for the first one to come out so I can share the details with you!



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